By the Stars is an enchanting tale that transports readers to a not-so-bygone time when honor and duty shaped the world and bravery defined a generation. Like Cal and Kate’s relationship, the story blossoms from a charming will they, won’t they romance, persevering through the hardships and horrors of war, and matures into a transformative tale of faith, destiny, and the life-changing power of enduring love.”
-Lindsay Maxfield, editor, Deseret Media Companies

“Present and past meld together in this richly crafted story, including the difficulties of life during WWII, the highs and lows of first loves, and having to leave behind the thing you want most. By the Stars is a heartwarming tale showing that with faith and determination, all things are possible…As I finished the last page, I closed the cover, hugged the book close to my chest, and sighed with contentment as my new friend Cal finished telling me his story, and oh, what a story.”
-Kelly Dearth, founder of

“A tender tale of the endurance of love and the hardships of war. Sweet and heartfelt. Cal and Kate’s love story is one to remember.”
-Teri Harman, author of the Moonlight Trilogy

“More than a love story, more than someone’s personal account of World War II, and more than a historical novel, By the Stars is a beautifully written novel that reads almost like a memoir which invokes in the reader feelings of love, loyalty, faith, and hope… If, as a reader, you are looking for a book that will draw you in and stick with you long after you’ve put the book down, this is surely a novel you will want to pick up. You just might come away believing in true love again–as well as the power of promises made, hope for the future, and faith in the fact that all will work out as it should.” –Compass Book Ratings