“By the Stars is an excellent book club choice! With its fun and moving love story combined with the compelling historical account of what life was like during World War II, plus the fact that it was inspired by a true story, it has something to offer everyone and makes for a great group discussion.” -By the Stars reader/book club member

Group Discussion
By the Stars has a list of 11 discussion questions printed in the back of the book that are perfect to lead your book club discussion. The questions will get your club conversing about all aspects of the story and reliving the emotions they felt while reading the novel, from the enjoyable and tender romance between Cal and Kate to Cal’s time away at war. Your group will get a chance to discuss how they interpreted certain instances within the novel and how they relate aspects of the story and its characters to their own personal life experiences.  

Live author Q&A
From the author:
Hi, everyone! It’s Lindsay. I’m so excited to hear that book clubs are selecting By the Stars for their reading schedules! If you are interested in having me for an author Q&A as part of your meeting after reading the novel, I would love to participate. If you live in the Salt Lake City area I will try to accommodate coming in person, but because of my busy schedule with my four young children (including twin one-year-olds, plus a husband who works full time and is in school!) if I am not able to be in physical attendance at your book club meeting I can arrange a video chat with you via Skype or Google Chats. For book clubs further away from me or in another state or even country, I am more than happy to schedule a video chat for an author Q&A with you as well. I’m willing and excited to be involved in as many book clubs as possible, so please contact me if you are interested so I can get you on my schedule. Thanks!

Fun Ideas for your Book Club Meeting
Here is a list of some fun ways to incorporate themes from By the Stars into your book club meeting:
-Play 1940s music in the background
-Serve a dessert with bananas since Cal’s favorite fruit is bananas (ideas: banana creme pie, banana cake, layered banana pudding, banana ice cream sundaes)
-Ask members to dress in 1940s attire/1940s hairdos, and give a prize for best dressed
-Have each member write a love letter to someone (chose to have members hand deliver them or address and stamp them and have the host mail them the following day)
-Show a video clip from the classic romantic comedy “It Happened One Night” – the movie Cal and Kate watch at their movie under the stars date night
-Show a slideshow of photographs of what Salt Lake City looked like during the 1940s, including some of the buildings and locations Cal and Kate frequented, and transition onto photographs of the war in the Philippines
-Ask a few members (or each member) to come prepared with a short story about a relative who lived during the WWII era, and to bring photographs if they have them

If your book club comes up with other ideas please send them onto Lindsay and she will update the list with your ideas. Also, make sure to take pictures at your book club and send them onto Lindsay and she will post them to her social media accounts!

Happy Book Clubbing!