Blog Tour Wrap Up

The blog tour for By the Stars wrapped up a few months back and was a great success! I had over 30 book bloggers read By the Stars and write wonderful reviews on it. I believe star ratings given to the book on the blog tour averaged out to be about 4.7/5. The blog tour exceeded my expectations and it was so fun seeing what reviewers had to say. I have included a few quotes from blogger’s reviews below, with links to the full reviews. Thank you to all those who participated!

“More than a love story, more than someone’s personal account of World War II, and more than a historical novel, By the Stars is a beautifully written novel that reads almost like a memoir which invokes in the reader feelings of love, loyalty, faith, and hope… If, as a reader, you are looking for a book that will draw you in and stick with you long after you’ve put the book down, this is surely a novel you will want to pick up. You just might come away believing in true love again–as well as the power of promises made, hope for the future, and faith in the fact that all will work out as it should.” –Compass Book Ratings

“I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised, I LOVED it. I love the characters, I love the romance, I love it all! For those who love Edenbrooke and other clean romance novels, By the Stars should be your next read!”
-Emily, Homespun Light

“I was completely drawn in and felt a part of the story, although there were places when I almost wished for more–more information, more connections, more story–but this shows that it’s a great story, because I really didn’t want it to end. I found myself in tears, marveling at the miraculous events, as well as with smiles, enjoying the relationships. This is a story that will stay with me for quite awhile.” -Katie’s Clean Book Collection

“This novel is well written with wonderful detail that will take you back to an era of honor, duty and unending faith.  Because of the easiness of the story, you will get sucked in and probably finish it before you realize.  By the time I finished, I didn’t want it to be over!  The characters are well developed and you feel an immediate closeness to them and want to know more about their lives.  While it is classified as a historical romance, I fully believe any reader with an interested in the era would really enjoy it!” -Paula, The Real Housewives of Riverton

“I was very impressed with this story by Lindsay Ferguson, the research behind it, and how she wove in such a wonderful, at times heartbreaking and beautiful story by someone she knows into a beautiful novel I think everyone would love to read!” -Kendra, The Things I Love Most

“BY THE STARS was a heartfelt story about one man, his life, and the woman he falls in love with during a difficult time in history. The book felt nostalgic and like a story being retold. The characters were likable and the plot was engaging, with heartbreaking moments balanced by full and sweet ones. A beautiful and enjoyable read that is perfect to share with others and read in book groups.” -Tressa, Wishful Endings

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